The Attorney General is elected by the citizens of Louisiana to serve a four-year term and, while holding this Constitutional Office, is the Chief Legal Officer and advisor to state government.

Louisiana’s Attorney General is duty bound to protect the people and resources of the State of Louisiana by providing a variety of services including superior legal representation to the state, professional and effective support to local law enforcement, is a consumer protection advocate, and provides a host of public education initiatives and programs.

“Although never holding elected public office, my life has centered upon delivering to all citizens of Louisiana, regardless of their rank or accomplishment in life, an unending source of grace, strength, perseverance, and tenacity through a career as a public prosecutor and a practicing lawyer. I have been involved in a variety of organizations and public outreach initiatives over the past 25 years, which have given me many opportunities to take on leadership roles. I am grounded in my personal, professional, and ethical values: my love of God, my family, and my desire for professionalism and academic excellence. Finally, I have a great desire to serve you as your next Attorney General and I “PLEDGE” to each of you that I will deliver an office and staff that prides itself through supplying quality services on a daily basis. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please consider VOTING for me, MARTY MALEY, for Louisiana Attorney General in October of 2015.”